– You know exactly where to find them.

Hiring a local contractor usually means that scheduling inspections and estimates will be faster and more flexible.  You also have the added benefit that a local contractor will be more readily available long after a job is completed.  Local contractors want to have a solid reputation in their community which means they will care more about a job well done.  If you decide to hire a contractor from out of town, keep in mind that they are working over a larger geographical area and it may be more difficult to resolve any issues in a timely manner even with a service warranty.  Quality contractors are easy to spot as they will be responsive and their reviews are authentic.

– The money you spend stays in the community.

After a large storm, the entire community is working together to rebuild.  Hiring a local contractor means you are investing back into your community to help it rebuild.   Small businesses are the foundation of the local economy.  Local contractors do work in the communities where they live because they care about their community.

– Trusted local references.

Checking references is an important step before you hire any contractor.  When you hire local contractors, you’re often able to reach out to known references that can give you a clear picture of the contractor’s skills, work ethics and professionalism.

– Better accountability

Large contracting companies have bands of salespeople that go out to sell a premium product over a sales territory (for a commission).  If they don’t deliver the same premium service, it can be difficult to follow-up later with any concerns.  Local contractors care about the community where they live.  When you hire a local contractor, you are guaranteed first-rate accountability because this is not only their job, it’s their community.  You’ll often work directly with the owners or invested partners who are already familiar with construction permit requirements for your project.

-Better craftsmanship and service.

Local contractors are invested in quality workmanship with every job.  They know that at a local level word gets around quickly and they care about keeping their reputation solid.  They take the time to be sure each job is done at the highest standard.  A small business typically go above and beyond to be sure the job is done with excellence.

Kingdom Contracting is your local exterior contractor.  We take pride in our craftsmanship and it shows.  Stop by ad see the third party reviews for yourself.