Being prepared for the drastic change of weather in the midwest can be a chore. We’ve assembled a Checklist that can help you keep your home running smoothly.

  1. Doors and Windows:
    • Be sure to examine doors and windows and be sure there are no gaps where warm air can escape.  These gaps can also let in cold air too.
    • Weather strip or caulk around problem areas where there are gaps or drafts.
    • Install energy efficient double pane windows.  This will not only save you money with lower heating bills but will also increase the value of your home.
  2. Heating Systems
    • Be sure to test your heating system before the weather drops and stays there.  If you have any mechanical issues, it’s much easier to repair when the demand for a technician is low.
    • If you have forced air heating, replace the filter in your furnace.  Whenever the filter is dirty, it’s always a good idea to swap it out with a new one.  Keep several on hand.
  3. Gutters and Downspouts
    • Be sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of leaves and debris before the snow and ice settles in.
    • Install gutter leaf guards to keep debris out of the gutter and keep you off a ladder.
  4. Chimney, Roofs and Decks
    • Have your roof inspected for damage. Preventative maintenance is key when it comes to your roof.  Upon inspection we can confirm your roof is in good working order and ready for the season, or let you know where there are areas that have been compromised and in need of repair. Small repairs now prevent substantial interior water damage later.
  5. Be Prepared
    • Be sure to have snow removal equipment handy and in working order.  This includes shovels, snowblower and gas.  Also be sure to start and test your snowblower before the first blizzard.
    • Keep water, flashlights, batteries and canned food on hand in case you are ever without power for any period of time.

Being prepared is key to navigating any unexpected winter issue.  If you have any questions or would like a fast free roof inspection, give us a call.  As long as the roof is dry we can quickly asses and repair if necessary.

Kingdom Contracting provides trusted RoofingSiding and Window replacement.  If you have had damage from a storm, we can also help you navigate the murky waters of the insurance claim process to make sure all of the damage is uncovered and repaired.  Call today   262-220-7318