The recent hail storms in the Central Wisconsin area (Osseo & Fairchild and surrounding towns) have created widespread property damage.

We can get your property repaired to its pre-storm condition…. FAST.

Some damage is obvious like torn shingles and dented gutters while other damage takes a trained expert to find. Our team has years of uncovering storm damage that when inspected correctly will be replaced by your insurance company at no cost to you. NOTE: Your insurance company may have a time limit on filing a claim for storm damage.  Don’t wait, contact us today for a FAST FREE inspection. 262-977-7733

How do you know if you have hail damage or storm damage? Well, the obvious would be if your neighbors are having their roofs replaced or you see yard signs in your neighborhood for roofing replacement. Other things to look for would be dented gutters or your favorite plants around your home have mysterious holes in ALL the leaves.

If you suspect you may have storm damage, don’t wait. Call Kingdom Contracting and we’ll be right over. If we find evidence of any hail damage, we’ll document and submit a report to your insurance company. If needed we’ll also meet with your adjuster to be sure they see the proof of the damage.

The team at Kingdom Exterior Contracting are here to serve you and get your home repaired with excellence. Contact us today at: 262-977-7733